Construction Services: R.W Bayer & Associates works closely with Developers and Engineers to provide a variety of surveys. Our services are not only for the initial planning stages, but we provide surveys showing improvements were completed pursuant to plans.

R.W. Bayer & Associates provides staking and layout from large development projects to small residential lot improvements throughout Colorado. By working with construction companies and Engineers throughout the United States we get to enjoy the challenges that each new project brings.  

Using the latest AutoCAD Civil 3D programs and working in conjunction with Planners, Engineers and Architects, these maps are made for submittal and approval for proposed improvements and development of a project. An example of a condominium project we did: CondominiumMap

As required by the City or County, a map made as a legal document that divides or reconfigures parcels and property lines. Can be used as a tool to create multiple lots/block or combine parcels into larger tracts. Plats can convey to the City or County public Right-of-way or easements. View an example here: SubdivisionPlat

Real Estate: R.W. Bayer & Associates has worked closely with developers in commercial and residential real estate as well as individual land owners to provide the surveys needed to get the job done and get it done right.

This survey is made in accordance with with the America Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors (NSPS) established requirements. This survey will include a variety of pre-defined options. Performed with the aid of a provided title commitment this survey is required by lenders or title companies.  View our ALTA: NSPS Survey

This survey defines the elevation of the existing surface relative to a know datum and reference to a benchmark with and established elevation. This survey is beneficial for small drainage issues on a residential lot to large project design. View our survey : TopographicSurvey

This survey completes a standard FEMA form showing the result to determine if a property is or is not located in a designated flood plain. 

This certificate is generally required by lenders. This survey shows the location of all the improvements made or located on a parcel or lot relative to the property lines. To see what it looks like click : ImprovementLocationCertificate

Government Services: State, County and City Governments turn to R.W. Bayer & Associates when surveying services are required. R.W. Bayer & Associates offers a multitude of surveys to best address the needs of each municipality. 

As required by City, County and State guidelines, these maps are made for the purpose of the City to bring the parcel into their jurisdiction and in return provide proved necessary infrastructure. 

As required by governmental agencies or Developers, these surveys accurately show the location of completed improvements to determine if they were constructed according to the plans and.or show the variations in the location of the improvements. An example of our As Built Survey: AsBuiltSurvey

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